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noise after timing belt replacement

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just replaced timing belt on my 2003 tundra v8,also replaced water pump. now it has some kind of rubbing noise when you are going down the road but it is not heard when you rev it up sitting still, any help would be appreciated!!
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I just did mine on my 2000 V8 last weekend, I actually did it twice in a row but thats another story. I cannot think of anything that you could have damaged that only makes noise while the truck is in motion. Can you listen around a little more? Can you hear anything parked at idle or in gear at idle? Maybe narrow it down to a serpentine componet? Did you change any other parts besides the WP and TB? oh, maybe check your trans fluid level? Thats about all i got....
Did ya replace either Idler pulleys? my older truck has 2 of them and they were both history!! just make a loud squeal continously!! but not high pitched squeal!! bearing on my #2 pulley was TOAST!! service writer said no need to replace but tech said NOPE they have gotta be done and i had planned to do them anyway but writer said no. i can't wait till i run into that guy again!! he is lucky the tech changed them cause if i had to pay for them to tear down again i would be very unhappy!! he did not even know the mielage on the old parts much less ever seen my truck!! No more loud bearing squeal and i am smilling from ear to ear. i can actually drive it without people staring at me like where is all that noise coming from!!:D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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