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Well, they said I was supposed to come here and greet all the Tundra folks. Yup, joined the club. I said farewell to my '95 Silverado with 300K miles and got myself a '07 4x4 Double Cab w/ 78K miles. Wooooo! One heck of a change.

Before I joined, I already got help from this place. Found a crappy, melted-plastic, mod box wired in to the intake wiring harness. Turns out, it was some kind of "Mindblower Performance Stage 6 Fuel Maximizer." Yup. I pulled it out, spliced the wires, made everything all pretty again. Then I ripped open the box and there was that single 33Kohm resistor.

I look forward to reading about all your Tundra adventures. I fell warm and fuzzy about this already. :)

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