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I installed an LRO 3/1 kit and then had it aligned with the factory 18's by a reputable shop. I noticed the drivers side front tire had very noticeable positive camber (unsure of numbers) while the passenger side looked to be as close to 0 degrees as possible by eye. The truck drives as straight as can be with no vibrations. I just put on a set of 18" monsters with 295 Nitto's and it still drives straight but now has a very slight wobble at 60mph, but I am more concerned about premature tire wear.

With just the 1 side with noticeable positive camber is this cause for concern as long as it drives straight?

It's a 2008 DC w/ TRD Off Road pkg

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I'm not DJ, but here's an opinion...

It will affect how the truck handles.

The big question I guess I'd that a drop kit or a lift kit? I'm not familiar with the parts. Before going back to the alignment shop, make sure everything is installed correctly.

There's no reason a trained tech with a modern alignment rack and a late model vehicle cannot hit the same numbers on both sides to within hundredths of a degree, even on a fully custom setup. If your parts are installed properly and are not defective, then they should be able to make both sides the same, whatever those numbers may be.

Toe is what wears tires quickly...too much or improper toe will wear out a good tire in a season, and make the truck squirrely. A big difference in camber between sides will make the truck handle different in turns, but my guess is you'll have to be giving it good to notice the difference. Wear from excessive camber...I have noticeably negative camber on my truck, and my tires are wearing great.

Personally, having one number noticeably out like that makes me suspect the rest of the job. I would look at the numbers, take it back in, and tell them this:

Set caster at the highest value in the factory-acceptable range.
Set camber and toe at the factory-recommended value.
Set each measurement dead equal side to side, no exceptions and no excuses, dead equal. The specifications are not side-specific, they should be exactly the same.

It will ride like it's on glass. The above advice is from DJ, boiled down and applied to your model year.

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