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Gone are the days of the “one fluid fits all” car models. Most new Asian import cars are designed to take application specific fluids for their engine oil, power steering fluids, transmission fluids and coolant. Some might see this as a way to get customers to take their cars back to the dealership for regular service, which can oftentimes be more expensive than going to your local quick lube facility. On the other hand, import vehicles have been on the forefront of precision engineering, offering customers higher fuel economy, longer lasting vehicles and more affordable pricing. These benefits are the results of specially engineered systems that perform best using custom formulated fluids that cater to your vehicle’s specific needs.

Until now, your only option to get application specific fluids was going directly to the dealership, but Beck/Arnley has changed the game for the OE fluid market. They offer a plethora of fluids for your import vehicle; Beck/Arnley has developed a comprehensive line of high quality fluids specifically designed for your vehicle. The Beck/Arnley fluid line will now be available to you, for your specific Asian Import application, directly from AutoShepherd. Their advanced line of OE Fluids includes:

Premium OE Automatic Transmission Fluid
A superior quality formulation of high-performance, base oils and carefully selected additives, Beck/Arnley’s automatic transmission fluid is chemically balanced to help protect seals and “O” rings, provide corrosion, rust and wear protection and give oxidation resistance for prolonged life.
Premium OE Fully Synthetic Motor Oil
Designed to maximize performance and extend engine life, Beck/Arnley’s synthetic motor oil provides outstanding high temperature protection and reduced engine wear. It’s a unique, all-season oil blended specifically for Asian OE ultra fuel efficient vehicles.
Premium OE Power Steering Fluid for Honda/Acura Applications
Formulated to help noise reduction and improve power steering performance, Beck/Arnley’s power steering fluid provides increased corrosion protection from oxidation.
Premium OE Antifreeze/Coolant
Manufactured with the highest quality materials that won’t damage coolant systems, Beck/Arnley’s antifreeze/coolant provides superior corrosion and rust protection. This formulation contains no amines or borates and is free of silicates that may harm water pump seals and cause gel formation that can clog the radiator. It utilizes Phosphated Organic Acid Technology, also known as Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT)

Beck/Arnley has been a trusted brand for automotive replacement parts since it was founded in 1914. Their high quality aftermarket parts for foreign nameplates cover almost every internal system in today’s vehicles. We’re excited to now be able to offer the trusted Beck/Arnley name on yet another category of systems: Fluids. Saving you money without sacrificing quality is always an exciting announcement for us at AutoShepherd!
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