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O2 Sensor ?

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Well I'm on my 3rd oxygen sensor replacement with my 2001 Tundra with 108,000 miles. Dealer replaced the first one Sensor 1 Bank 1 at 96,000 for free but now will not. I replaced Sensor 1 Bank 2 with no problems about 5 thousand miles later. The current problem Sensor 2 Bank 2 is bad and when I replaced it with a new Denso unit from the Check Engine Light is still coming on after about 10 min. of driving. Could it be a bad part?
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post in the 1st gen. forum will give better results
Where have you been getting your fuel? Do you go to the same station every time? Bad gas is a common cause for 02 sensor failure.

It could also be something else...starting with the simple stuff, is your gas cap sealing tightly? An old or broken gas cap that doesn't seal the fuel system will cause the check engine light to pop on.

Incidentally, the fact that ANYONE offered to pop a new O2 sensor in your vehicle for FREE is a miracle. That is absolutely a 100% wear item (well, at least a 100k miles) -- good work!
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