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Off road

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Hey, just wondering if any of you taken your new Tundra's wheelin. If so how did it do?
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Not offroad, but my sister called and said she was stuck at the bottom of the street. 2 inches of snow.. little civic. I hooked up the strap to it, and went all the way home with it on the back, like nothing was there and traction was not too much of an issue. hill was about 35-40 degrees at the bottom too. 3rd time i have had to move her car with my Tundra.. lol.
Sounds like you had fun. Too bad it wasn't a Chevy or Dodge you pulled out. Well probly next time.
I took my '07 DCab 4x4 5.7L SR5 Longbed up some arroyos of primarily sugar sand. In 2WD mode it did admirable. When I switched to 4WD it went almost as good as a Tacoma in 4x4 (Tacoma is one of the best off-road pickups I've ever owned). I also went over some vertical drops that I was sure I would high-center on (especially with a longbed) and it traversed them fine. My '05 Silverado Duramax HD would have hit it's low-slung frame in similar conditions. The Tundra (even my longbed) has less rear overhang than Superduty or 2500HD and this aided with the same vertical drops. The wheelbase on my longbed Tundra is longer than my '05 F-250 extended cab longbed so I attribute much of it's success to the Tundra's reduced overhang. These trials were accomplished while demostrating the Tundra to a cousin who drives his F-250 shortbed 4WD diesel in same conditions. He cussed Ford the whole trip and said he wanted a Tundra. He could then ride in proper style and grace and passdown his Superduty's kidney-punching ride to his ranch foreman and reserve it for the really big gooseneck hauls. I laughed and told him that by coincidence I had just done the very thing to my foreman.

The 4.30 rear-end and ALSD made hill climbing in sandy desert a slow but continuous progression without abort due to loss of momentum. My truck was deilvered with highway Michelins at the upgraded size of 175/65 R18's (the wider option which on sand is a good thing for floatation). I think a good AT tread could only help.

With previous trucks I was quick to go through some mesquite bushes when new to break it in and get over the overprotective owner stance I was inclined to have after buying a new car. Unlike the past trucks, I still haven't been able to bring myself to scratch my '07 for the sake of utility. I'm going to wait until it happens naturally. That should be sooner than later.
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The closest to offroading I came I used it to pull a 24' Uhaul box truck (full of granite counter tops) up an almost 45 degree dirt driveway. Pretty funny story behind it. The uhaul got stuck because it was so long it got high centered at the bottom of the driveway (because the grade of the driveway was so steep and at the bottom it leveled out). I didnt have any problems with pulling it out :tu:
I have 1360 miles on my Tundra, and about 400 miles are in 4WD. I average about 17 miles a day in 4WD driving on the ranch.
Since ALSD is disabled in 4WD, I wasn't sure there was any traction aids in 4WD. I was pleasantly surprised to find that A-TRAC works very well. I found no mention of this in the owners manual and only one short mention of A-TRAC on Toyota's web site.All it said was that 4WD drives have A-TRAC, but no explanation of what it is, or how it works.
Mine has 275/55/20's not a good choice off road. My initial impression is you can tell this is a heavier truck, seems a little out of sorts. My '04 with 285/75/16 I had no concerns driving aggressive off road, but it couldn't hold a candle to my '02 prerunner, of course a different vehicle. Haven't driven a 4x4 or TRD perhaps they are better, especially with 18's. I will be taking it easy with mine off road as there is alot of rocks around here.
A-Trac is almost like a locker type thing. It converts power to the wheel that needs it, mostly in the front. The FJ Cruiser has it too. It is really help full when your twicked out on some hill. Along with your limited slip in the rear that thing is pretty much instopable. Wish my T100 had it.
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