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Option Code (DK)?

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Anyone know what the DK is?

I visited my dealer lastnight and he gave me a print out of my truck that is still on order.

It shows in the port installed accessories a DK. Just curious what that is.

The only thing on the build sheet without a price is a " Preferred Owners Portfolio".
I dont know what that is either... Is it DK?

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I did a quick SEARCH by useing the SEARCH function on this forum, and it turned up this.:D
Ahh Damn, I used the search first and still didnt find it... :eek:

Thanks Tho.
Okay... So can anybody tell me what the Preferred Owner's Portfolio is exactly? I've heard all different variations from a manilla folder in the glove box to a nice leather zipper folio with a Toyota emblem pressed into it...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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