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Ouch! Did I hurt my gears?

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I am no mechanic, but I know that using the Tundras 4x4 while on pavement is not the best thing to do. Well, I tested it. I had my wife and daughter waiting for me in the pickup, and my little 18mo daughter decided to turn the dial to 4hi. I was pulling a trailer out of a driveway onto a busy street and didn't notice anything funny until I started to turn. My first 2 thoughts were I got to hurry and swing out of the way of oncoming traffic, and why am I not turning? I turned on the pavement for 20-30 feet and got the pickup straight and realized at the same time I had been in 4wd. :( My wife says, Oh, I was going to tell you she turned that knob.

Anyway, now I am hearing a slight vibration, it pulsates slightly, and reminds me of the noise or feeling of offroad tires that are out of balance, or worn. It varies with the speed I am driving.

Did I do something to the tires, scraping them as I turned that creates this noise, or could I have ground some gears in 20 feet?

Lastly, I am still under warranty, but would they cover anything like this, especially knowing I drove in 4wd on pavement, even though it was not intentional?

I know, I probably should take it in, but I trust the internet more than the dealer mechanics, sadly. :)
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Of course this shouldn't have hurt anything. Its an 07 correct? When was the last time, if ever, that you put it into 4x4? You should do it every month for a couple of miles to keep it lubed. How many miles? When did you replace the diff / transfer case fluids? Try putting it into 4x4 now, without a load and seeing what happens? then back to 2. And did you peel out into the traffic? What are you not telling us? Kiss the 18 mo and tell her its all daddy's fault. Better yet go buy her a toy.

And I wouldn't mention this little episode when / if you do have to take it to the dealer. Heheheheh
Its been a few months since I have used 4x4. I don't drive a few miles in 4x4 every month. (thanks for the tip) I am getting close to 28k miles, and haven't changed the fluid yet. I have a hard time believing that new fluid would make a difference in 20 ft. And I had hardly any pressure on the throttle, and did not get over 5mph. I am not a punk kid type of driver, and I don't 4x4 every weekend. I have the 4x4 for pulling trailers out of a muddy jobsite, driving in snow, an icy boat ramp, etc.

You mean I shouldn't have yelled at my daughter? :baby::blah:
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