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So i agree with beachbum of course...they are beefier ill tell you why... with my 08 out at pismo beach last year i had my truck at like 65-70mph switching in and out of 4 wheel drive full throttle to no half throttle and i hit 90mph taking it out of 4 wheel drive... and jumping the crap out of it i will say this probably not smart but whatever its mega fun out there and nothing happened and 3 services later still GOLDEN with 31,200 miles as of today...second i bet you a pretty penny that like the ford raptor P.O.S you could switch in and out of 4 wheel drive and 100mph and not damage anything...just a thought...the only thing that stops people is a book and warning that says NO dont do it 25 mph is the limit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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