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Ouch! Hyperextended Joint (aka: wife backed out of garage with door open)

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Actually, the battery died because one of the kids left a door open yesterday. I had a project on the other side of the garage so she was pushing it out to jump it with our other car. I was inside the house, none the wiser until one of my kids came running in and said, "Dad, don't be mad, but the door is getting smashed and we can't move the car. We're trying and trying."

By the time I got out there, she had managed to push it forward enough to close the door then roll it back out. The garage door track sustained a bit of damage, but my real concern (after finding out no one was hurt of course) was the door on the Sequoia. There are now two creases (convex) on the leading edge on the exterior of the door, like it got pushed into something it normally shouldn't. Also the door swings open to more than 90 degrees and doesn't close well (requires more force).

Any words of advice before I take it to the local body shop? I am probably more picky than average for doors shutting tightly. At first I was thinking I should get a new door from a salvage yard, but now I'm thinking I should let the body shop decide. Would pictures help? Any help is much appreciated.
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AHHHHHHHH... Glad no one was hurt. Pictures would be worth a thousands words.
My guess is, that it bent the door where the door check strap attaches, or brok the check strap. Doors are famous for doing this when caught by the wind and slammed open, backing out and catching on the garage is just about the same thing.
We ended up replacing the door. First they tried just replacing the hinges, but the door was too tweaked when they put it back on, so the insurance company agreed after chatting with us that the whole door needed to be replaced. It seems as good as new and looks great. When we went to pick it up, the door didn't open and close as smoothly as before. The shop worked on it for another 30 minutes or so and then it was perfect.
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