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Aloha from Hawaii. Someone correct me if I am wrong - I'm guessing that the units you are discussing here are in-dash units. I'm looking to install a DVD system in my 10' CM - either a headrest system of a drop-down unit. Preferably an all-in-one system (screen + player). So far the only thing that comes up on the internet are Alpine, Visualogic, and Invision, among some other generic brands. Need to do more searches. I have the stock stereo system in my truck (non-JBL), and no steering controls. Need someone to steer me in the right direction - other than Crutchfield. Does anyone know if they make a unit that installs in the center console (BTW I have the split front bench seat)? Anyone have an aftermarket system installed in a stock configuration?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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