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A good GPS deck with quality is Kenwood's DNX series. I used to have the 08' model DNX GPS with all the built in gadgets (i.e. built-in USB and aux connection, blue-tooth, and satilite) in my old Tahoe. Coolest part is that Kenwood's system utilizes Garmen GPS, so it has a full range of maps and locations both in North America and some other countries. Technical data is fully backed up by Garmen, so updates can be accessed through Garmen's online website. Also, the deck is very user friendly, accessing either DVD, Ipod, or XM radio is much simpler on the Kenwoods then compared Alpine or Dual. Although, I believe that if you're getting just a CD deck, either Alpine or Pioneer blow Kenwood out of the water. But where Kenwood lacks, it more than makes up in their GPS series. To my knowledge the only companies that build GPS decks are Kenwood, Dual, and Alpine (Alpine just recently got in the game). Alpine and Kenwood are about the same prices, depending on the model you get, with Kenwood maybe costing a little more. Dual is the cheapest, but quality goes down the drain with their GPS series. The downfall of the Kenwood GPS deck is their cost, the top of the line DNX cost around $1300. You can get the next one down for around $1000, but all the gadgets (i.e. blue-tooth and XM radio) are only "ready" (not built-in), so if you decide to get XM radio later, you'll have to get the module which cost $250 depending on your vehicle. Alpine cost around $1000 for their top of the line GPS, but they utilize a different GPS system, one that I'm not familiar with, so their maps and locations is not as advance then compared to Kenwood's. Both Alpine and Kenwood can play DVDs in HD, and have rear-camera options, as for Dual, I am not sure of.

None of these decks are compatible with the steering wheel controls, but all is not lost. You can get aftermarket hardwiring connections to utilize the controls, but its going to cost. Depending your the vehicle, it can be around $150-300 for just the wiring kit, add to that is labor, so it'll end up costing around $400 to add that option. As for where to shop, there isn't any places online I'd suggest, its pretty much who you know inorder to get a good deal. Well, thats all I have, hope it helps.
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