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So truck was running fine (2011 4.6L) and I went on vacation. Came home and started it up when the check engine light came on. Popped the hood and some kind of critter (I’m guessing a mouse or rat) chewed through the wiring to my passenger side lights. I spliced them all back together and got the error code saying “P0108 map circuit high input”

I took the map/maf sensor out and it appears to be very clean. None of the wiring leading to it was touched by the critter. There does appear to be a very small burn spot on one of the wires going to the sensor, but I honestly think it’s just some gunk from the tape that was wrapped around it. Also when I turn the heat of air on inside the truck the fan is much louder than normal.

My questions are:
1: how do I test to see if the sensor is the problem?
2: if the sensor is the problem, should I clean it (if so how) or just replace it?
3: if it’s not the sensor then what is it?
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