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I have a P0204 code - cylinder 4 injector circuit malfunction. Am I correct that the cylinders are numbered as there firing order?
8 7
6 5
4 3
2 1

Also, does anyone know of any manuals that will explain how to troubleshoot for electrical malfunction, and if necessary, replace the fuel injector? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I feel pretty confident in doing the job, however i would feel tremendously more so if I have a guide, instruction by my side.

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That is the correct cylinder.

Diagnostic Procedure:

1. First, check the resistance of the injector. If it isn't within specs, then replace the injector.
2. Check for voltage at the fuel injector connector. It should have 10 volts or more.
3. Visually check the connector for damage or broken wires.
4. Visually check the injector for damage.
5. If you have access to an injector tester, activate the injector and see if it operates. If the injector operates, then you likely have either an open in the wiring, or a blocked injector. If you do not have access to a tester, swap the injector with another one and see if the code changes. If the code changes, then change the injector.
6. At the PCM, remove the driver wire from the PCM connector and Ground the wire. (Make sure you have the correct wire. If you're not sure, do not attempt) The injector should activate.
7. Replace the injector

Go here for more: OBD-II Trouble Code: P0204 Cylinder 4 Injector Circuit Malfunction
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