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I had a check engine light error about 6 months ago and had to have my carbon canister replaced. Now I have P0420 catalyst efficiency below threshold (Bank 1) message. The dealer said if it's the catalytic converter it's covered under warranty but if it's a oxygen sensor it's not covered. Are these errors related? Does Toyota or Sienna in general have emissions related problems. Mine is an '03.

Also, I have three power outlets in my van and 2 keep blowing out (fuse) although I rarely use them. Any ideas why this would happen?

Thanks folks!

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There is a TSB for code P0420 (see attachment)
It is covered under warranty 8/80.
They have to check and see if the ECU is the old part# or new updated one.
If its the old one, they need to change the ECU.
If its the new one already then the cat converter is bad (warranty 8/80)

The power outlets usually only blow fuses when phone/battery chargers are inserted in them and they pull to much power. People also plug TV's /DVD's and other things in them that run on 12v and they may pop fuses due to high amp draw.

p.s. if you were a subscribed member , you would be able to research TSB's and other info just like this TSB for your vehicle :D
hope this helps
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