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Okay so I am getting a P0420 and P0430 on my 2005 Tundra 4.7l v8 2uvfe engine with 322k miles (I just bough used btw)

One major condition I was getting that I just found a fix for is the Power steering air control valve stopped working so my Power steering fluid started leaking into thin air as I didnt see it drip from the steering rack or anywhere. After looking at some post I discovered the PS air control valve goes bad and pulls the Power steering fluid directly via vacuum into the intake manifold. Causing the blue/white smoke at startup and likely during driving as well when I could not see the smoke. The PS fluid basically was being drained up with every drive. Anyways I will change the PS air control valve with a Doorman one I am getting off amazon. I hope that will work and fix this issue.

That being said I wonder if my P0420 and p0430 codes are happening because it was seeing a lot of ATF/PS oil being burnt into the engine?? I did replace my spark plugs and they looked oily at the threads. Besides the oil on the threads than that the spark plugs looked okay.

So monitoring via a OBD2 dongle and Torque Pro I see my Long term and Short term Fuel trims are doing great. All of them fluctuation between -2 to 5% which to me look great. When I see my Post O2 sensors I do not see them fluctuate too much. Mostly hitting 0.7v and then going to 0.2 volts. I cannot read the AFS B1S1/B2S1. Is there a way to see these in Torque Pro?

Anyways I am not sure if the O2 Sensors are bad or if I have bad cats? if the Fuel trims are in good shape I would think my cats are going bad. Which sucks as its a big expense. I wonder if I can find a way to try to clean them up. I suspect the power steering oil was the main thing that may have clogged up the cats.

Oh last but not least. When I do drive on the Highway for a bit 40+ miles the cats clean up. At least thats what I see on Torque pro. Additionally even the O2 sensor say its complete in Torque Pro. I just wonder if and when I fix the PS leak and run the car for a bit it will hopefully clear this issue. Fingers crossed.

Anyways lot of info to digest. Just wondering if I am on the right track. I really dont want to replace all the cats. This truck has 2 or 3 cats?


Freeze frame information:
Fuel Status = 0 byte
Engine Load = 65.49 %
Engine Coolant Temperature = 217.4 °F
Fuel Trim Bank 1 Short Term = -3.125 %
Fuel Trim Bank 1 Long Term = -2.344 %
Fuel Trim Bank 2 Short Term = 7.812 %
Fuel Trim Bank 2 Long Term = -3.125 %
Engine RPM = 2,377.25 rpm
Speed (OBD) = 72.7 mph
Timing Advance = 17.5 °
Intake Air Temperature = 100.4 °F
Mass Air Flow Rate = 73.06 g/s
Throttle Position(Manifold) = 30.98 %
Air Status = 0 byte
Run time since engine start = 97 s
O2 Sensor1 Equivalence Ratio = 1.01
O2 Sensor5 Equivalence Ratio = 1.093
Distance travelled since codes cleared = 121.789 miles
Barometric pressure (from vehicle) = 14.504 psi
Catalyst Temperature (Bank 1,Sensor 1) = 1,398.92 °F
Catalyst Temperature (Bank 2,Sensor 1) = 1,398.92 °F
Catalyst Temperature (Bank 1,Sensor 2) = 1,478.84 °F
Catalyst Temperature (Bank 2,Sensor 2) = 1,478.84 °F
Voltage (Control Module) = 13.164 V
Engine Load(Absolute) = 65.882 %
Commanded Equivalence Ratio(lambda) = 1.04
Relative Throttle Position = 12.941 %
Absolute Throttle Position B = 66.667 %
Accelerator PedalPosition D = 32.549 %
Accelerator PedalPosition E = 48.235 %

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I am assuming you are talking about the power steering vacuum pressure switch that bumps up the idle when the power steering sees a pressure load.
Fix the most obvious right first. Vacuum leaks and exhaust leaks are common causes of the codes. I don't know how big of a leak it could cause when the PS system goes empty but it would be sucking through the whole system and in through the reservoir lid. Clean out/replace any vacuum lines that were contaminated with PS fluid.
Once you get the PS problem fixed I would proceed to clean the MAF and throttle body and then fix ANY exhaust leaks between the engine and rear 02 sensors.
After driving for a while and not clearing you can try a can of Catalyst/O2 cleaner. Dumping excess oil/fuel through the exhaust can degrade/clog both the 02 sensors and cats, just follow the instructions on the can.
If that still didn't do it I would next replace all 4 of the 02 sensors with OEM Denso. If that still didn't fix the issue then replacing the cats is where I would be. With that mileage and running condition it may just be time to replace the cats anyways and all the other stuff is likely going to be a HUGE needed tuneup anyways.

*Edit--- those plugs look like they needed to be changed at least 100k miles
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