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I have a 2000 tundra limited 4.7v8 and absolutely love this truck since i purchased it three months ago.
without warning, my transmission started atalling when i came to a stop or when i engaged the tranny into a gear ( r or d), it would stal or die. cel revealed a shift solenoid e mechanical malfuntion. well.. shortly thereafter, the problem subsided, and i thought all was well.
then, it returned, and within a couple of days of driving... using od off to start or begin to accelerate from a near stop...
i figured it would be fine to drive miniumally until i could fget it to repair shop. then on my way to the house, it quit pulling all together. when i put it into gear...regardless of which one... it is as if it is in neutral...only revving the engine and not moving one inch... any insight would be appreciated.
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