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Paint disappearing act?

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I just got a new '09 DC RW Tundra ~2 months ago and i recently noticed that the paint is coming off of the walls of the bed. Nothing has touched the bed in the places where the paint is coming off. I have several streaks where the paint is gone down to the primer and one spot that is down to bare metal. I first noticed this when washing the truck bed: I saw a spot of bird poop, so I sprayed it off with the hose and washed the area down with a wet soapy sponge. when it was rinsed and dried the spot was still there and upon closer examination there was no paint. I then noticed several other streaks where primer was showing through. I talked to the sales manager at the Toyota dealership where I bought the truck as well as the service manager. they said it was a rub mark and dismissed me saying they could get me a deal on a spray on bed liner but that I had done something to cause this and no warranty repair would be possible.

I know I need a bed liner to keep the bed from rusting at this point, but i just can't afford it right now. I was originally planning to just baby the truck till i could afford to line the bed but now i feel like I am being forced to make an expenditure that doesnt fit into my family's budget.

Right now I am annoyed that I was brushed off and mad that my truck's paint is disappearing. I am wondering, has anyone else experienced the paint disappearing from the truck as a result of bird poop that has sat for ~1 week.

I know that it is a truck and the paint in the bed is always going to get messed up eventually, but 1-2 months with no contact with anything accept bird poop (which is always cleaned up promptly) shouldn't etch a brand new vehicle's paint completely off, should it?

Anyone have any suggetions on what to do, or a similar experiences?


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Nice first post. Can you provide pictures so that we can see what you are talking about? This isn't normal for that to happen
The paint in my bed is not coming off but it does wear off at an alarming :eek: rate, so I had to buy a drop-in liner. Even sheets of regular drywall will take paint off when slid into the bed, and cement board will take it off down to metal. In regards to the bird crap issue, I have several spots on my slate coloured 08 that are stained, discoloured and dried out looking from bird droppings. Not all bird crap does it, so I guess it depends on the birds diet. My wifes brother inlaw has a silver Tacoma that has baked in insect droppings(?) littering the paint. They used to be able to remove the spots, but now they're permanent. His truck has a colour matched topper that was painted using the old two stage paint process by the topper manufacturer and it has ZERO stains on it. Looks like this water based paint is not going to age very well. Good luck.
hi it's not just limited to toyota.
all manuf. have reduced there paint on vehciles.
the old days are gone.
sadly this is what we all have to deal with.
but it seem's toyota owner's here see it more.
you have the opton to ask or request to see your toyota manuf. rep.
they go to each dealership once a month.
so set up a appointment.
they can over ride the dealership.
you have nothing to loose, but time on that day.
good luck,
I slid a box in the back of my truck and the paint came off in flakes. I promptly Line-Xed my truck bed.
We can all thank the EPA for our paint problems..... chalk one up for the greenies, now we all suffer.....
We can all thank the EPA for our paint problems..... chalk one up for the greenies, now we all suffer.....
Yup...the tree huggers looking out for us yet again! I suppose we should be thankful we can still drive a truck with a big V8 engine. If these lunatics had their way we would all be riding bicycles around. It is only going to get worse with the current administration and their allies in Congress.
Hmmmmmm . The OP makes one post 2 days ago and never returns ? Kind of makes you wonder .........
Troll.... or he is just pissed we didnt jump on the bandwagon to bash toyota for either an environmental or user created problem...... meh....
Troll.... or he is just pissed we didnt jump on the bandwagon to bash toyota for either an environmental or user created problem...... meh....

Paranoid much? :D

I'm a busy guy and my wife's car's transmission just failed outside of warranty so I'll leave it at that.

I talked to a warranty associate and the dealership owner today. They were much more receptive than the first two people I talked to. So we'll see what they can do for me.

In addition to the spots and streaks from the bird poo I found some areas that were never painted: in the seams of the bed.


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Ehhhh... are we really surprised that a truck's bed scratches when you slide heavy objects across it? You think it wouldn't happen if you rubbed a 4x8 sheet of plywood up and down your hood or roof? I have a few scratches and chips in the bed of my 09 but even as a super-anal hand-wash only truck/car nut, the bed is the one place where I don't care too much about the paint. Scratches mean i isn't a trailer queen, or at least they put up a good pretense that it isn't.

With bird poop, especially if it often gets hot in your climate and it dries quickly, it has to come off as soon as you spot it every time. I can drive a dirty or dusty vehicle for awhile if I have to but I don't let bird poop sit there for any length of time. If I come out of the house and see any I'll go back in and get a wet cloth or paper towel and handle it before I drive off. Sometimes I'll come out of a store or Mcdonalds or something and if I see it I'll take care of it right there. Drives my girlfriend nuts. I think if you get tired of getting at it as soon as you can and you let it sit for a day or more without a fresh coat of wax on there, it just starts gnawing at the clearcoat.
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