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My new Recon CCL's come in on Tuesday and I want to put them on ASAP. I know the measuring is going to take a while so I stripped the interior and am trying to find the pickup for the lights to save me some time. I got the wiring cheat sheet from and it says the parking lights are green (+) below the fuse box.

I took my dads voltmeter and started testing wires. I found one in a black plug behind the kick panel that went to 8.8v when I turned the lights on. I know it should read 12v but the battery on the meter was going and I think this is why I got a low reading.

One concern I have is that this wire is a smaller gauge than I think it whould be. To confirm this was the parking lights I unplugged the harness and the lights still went on when I turned the knob. If this is the wire shouldn't the lights have stayed off after I unplugged it..?

I have a pic of the plug/wire that I tested and want to make sure this is infact the right wire. Can anyone help me confirm this..?



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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