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I just bought a 2001 sequoia SR5 with auto windows in the front. So, as the title says the front right power window is not working. I get nothing from either the switch on the drivers door or the passengers door. To me that says regulator. So I pulled the door apart and put power directly to the window motor. Lo and behold, it works great. So I rolled it down half way and plugged in the switch, still nothing. I have seen some threads about reinitializing the auto windows but the ones I have seen all assume that the window works, just not in auto.

So, question 1)
Is there a way to test the position sensor on the regulator?

Question 2)
Is there a way to test the switches?

Question 3)
If it were a switch, which switch would it be?

Question 4)
What other parts would cause this failure mode? What other parts are common to both switched but only the pass font window?

I would appreciate any help b/c this is where my wife yeah
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