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pic of Crewmax in AL! (wow)

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Some of ya may remember me, joined on here a while back but mainly just check in to see what you guys have to say about the new 5.7L :tu:
Anyways, all this CrewMax talk has had me excited, so I've kept my eyes peeled. I got off tonight at 1:30am and rode down to the Toyo dealer here in Huntsville, AL. (best time to Truck shop lol) Sure enough, there sat a Black Crewmax Limited, 5.7L, 2x4 but with TRD package, Grey leather, Sunroof, etc... $40k and change.
i snapped a pic out of pure excitement, but in the dark with a camera phone doesn't do much. I gotta say though, WOW. I honestly have not been a fan of the styling on the DC's... but the crewmax does it for me. Definately will have one of these in the driveway before too long. Wonder what I could get a 2wd crewmax for with my employee discount? hehe :p
anywho, hope u new owners enjoy!
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THATS MY TRUCK!!..... well if it were 4x4 and at Rudy Luther Toyota in Minneapolis, I hope to have it on Wednesday :tu: :)

you have to go back and snap a few good pics of it right away.... PLEASE!:D
Damn the short bed on those...that truck looks damn nice though, even with the fizzy pic! Thanks for sharing.
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