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I have a 2007 Tundra and was towing a Jaco 23B hybrid (4000 lbs) no problem. This past summer I upgraded to a 2009 Sprinter 31 BHS. I was a little worried at first, but knew we would be sticking fairly close to home with it (within a couple hrs.) I had to travel from Nova Scotia to Pittsburgh for it. So returning home with the trailer was about 1200 miles. Anyway the new trailer weighed 8200lbs dry and the truck performed wonderfully. It got a little windy closer to home and I could feel it, But I would have felt that using anything to pull it. We used the trailer all summer and I weighed it full at around 8700lbs (our camping gear no fluids). The truck has the power of a 3/4 tonn, but in a 1/2 tonn body. After returning home I did install the rubber blocks to help with the weight. anyway any questions or comments would love to hear them.
we are looking at 3170 Grand Design. Same weight.. glad it worked for you, since I hear such conflicting info. We have 2018 4x4
181 - 183 of 183 Posts