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Help need to figure out what attaches to the pre drilled holes on the inside of the pickup bed of my 2000 Access cab style tundra?

Have you seen these holes they are towards the front of the bed on both sides just below the top rail. Each is about 15 inches from the pick up bed floor on the bed side not on the front of the bed.No not the giant black rubber capped holes

I looks to me like these are pre drilled (with a nut already inside not sure what you call that) and can hold some sort of bolt of which size I do no know but maybe 3/8? There are two holes spaced out about six inches or so.

I looks like a boat type cleat would fit nice but I am just wondering what fits there and how can I go to my local hardware store rather than the dealer. What size is the bolt?

I am looking to tie down an XR 400r and i don't want to drill holes in my bed. Any suggestions for anchor points?

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