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Pics 07 RCSB Custom

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Spent all morning cleaning her so i though i would take some pictures.

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Looks good!
looks good. nice taste in color-matching.
Looks great man! Sometimes I wish I would've gotten red. Did you color match the mirrors your self? nice touch.
Always liked the black rim with silver trim ring look. :tu:
thats one sexy bish!!:whistle:

Very nice, you see, its pictures like these, that make me look at other colors besides mine:beatsme:
My best friend and i built this whole truck. We did everything except the actual painting. I have another friend who did it becuase he runs an autobody shop. We color matched the bumpers mirror caps grill surround door handles and tailgate handle. This is what the truck looked like when I bough it July 3rd 2009. Pretty good work for a 20 yr old kid i think.

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Not usually a fan of reg cabs, but yours looks sharp!! Nice job!!
The painted bumpers look great - I'm still debating doing mine, but 1/2 the time I like the contrast of my Pyrite/Chrome. But on the red, it definitely looks better color-matched.
My RCSB aspires to be like yours.

Do you mind me asking what kind of drop-kit or method you used? I want to lower mine and your drop looks perfect.
Another great looking RCSB!! Nice....
Regular cabs rock!! Love the whole look :tu:, wish I could muster up the courage to do the lowering bit, but not sure how it would work with the TRD stuff.
Looks very sporty! Good job and I know you got other plans for it as we all do.
I envy you regular cabbies. sure would love to trade mine for a reg cab....
That is one clean truck! And that red rocks!
Very nice! Love the color matched bumpers, grille surround, handles and mirror covers!
looks great. have you thought about putting some solid black running boards on it?
ITS SOOOOO REEEDDDD!!!!!!:eek: but looks good
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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