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Pics of 06 Highlander Work in Progress :)

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Just a couple of pics of additions. Front chrome grill insert (hupcapsplus $49), Rear chrome Lift gate (Carson Toyota $149), and Rear Bumper Gaurd (truckdepo $189)

I am looking to add a front bumper guard and looking for chrome door handle covers. (any help with finding the covers is appreciated)


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Lookin' good!

I have been thinking about purchasing the Chrome grill insert as well. Can you please tell me how well it fits and if it was hard or easy to install?

Thanks. :)
LifeTech put me onto this one in particular. Perfect fit, a tad oversized so it completely covers the one on car. It snaps VERY tight into place and has a phenomenal shine. Excellent especially for $49 !!
nice chrome handle bar . Was it easy for yu?

The bumper guard is mint too. Great fit.

Instructions in Japanese but basic diagrams were good. It took appx 2 hours to do the whole thing. After you pop off rear gate cover and remove the bolt holding the strap, its just a matter of removing all the bolts and rotating the wiper motor to get to a bolt. Slow and steady :)
Needs side window vent shades. Go with the in the channel ones, they are cleaner looking. She's a looker!!!
I'm not a vent shade person. Never cared for it .But is very functional.

But only get the one that fits inside the window chanel, not the 3Mtape type. They fail and look hack too.

Had vent shades on my 02 - the ones that go into channel - I actually removed them last year. I thought it took away from look, maybe if they came in clear......
Window vents are great in rainy weather, but for dressing up the HL it depends on what you add with it. The smoked vents look great on my gold HL, paired with a smoke bug deflector (really stone deflector) and running boards. With black door trim and dark window tinting is gives a nice effect. With chrome trim, may not look so good. All part of the fun when you get your HL and start dressing it up.
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