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Reiterating General Forum Rule #2:

This site is meant to be PG-13. This means NO NUDITY or pornography. This also includes hyperlinks. Disclaiming a picture as NSFW does not make posting it acceptable.

Remember: When you joined Tundrasolutions you agreed to abide by the forum rules.

Additionally, in the interest of keeping the content of Tundrasolutions family-friendly and within the boundaries of good taste, when posting pictures of human beings the following guidelines are to be followed:

......1. No female breasts are to be shown, including "see-through" clothing.
......2. No pubic areas are to be shown.
......3. No buttocks are to be shown, including up-skirts, thongs, and/or "cleavage" of the buttocks.
......4. No tight-fitting clothing intended to accentuate the genital areas are to be shown. (i.e., no "Camel Toes")
......5. Nudity of any kind is strictly prohibited. "Painted on" "clothing" shall be considered nudity. Violators of this rule are subject to a permanent ban.
......6. The administrators and moderators will have the discretion to judge whether or not a picture is appropriate.

These rules will also be applied to drawings, cartoons, cgi graphics, and other non-photographic artwork.
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Not open for further replies.
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