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Just some quick feedback regarding this deck:

--Looks great, wife even says it looks stock with the Metro kit...(she hates any changes to stock).
--Very intuitive controls as far as navigating around menus.
--Start up time is actually really fast (I know that was a complaint regarding Pioneer decks).
--Equalizer is functional and easy to adjust.
--HD radio sounds great, AM tuner is more clear than stock (I love my talk radio).
--Pioneer XM tuner is HUGE improvement over stock, I used the included antenna instead of trying to modify the stock one. I can't believe how much better the reception is!
--DVD playback is very clear and plenty bright (I did tint the front windows for unrelated reason--security).

--Metra Axxess steering wheel controls only work intermittently, if it syncs at start-up it works great if not, no controls until I restart the truck.
--Touch screen is not nearly as good as the iPad or iPhones...but compares to my old Kenwood I used to have.
--Can't seem to get the signal from the Pioneer back to the headrest DVD players but this may be the DVD player's fault, not the Pioneer...
--My old DVR's that I put some music videos on will not play--not sure why...maybe format?

I have not played with the navigation much yet, haven't left town so I'll try to give some feedback regarding that soon.
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