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Pirate labs custom fabricated front prerunner bumper

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At pirate labs in corona right now, getting the first front bumper fab'd up! Will update with pictures soon. Should be done on Monday.
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What does everybody think???


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How much? Not that it matters, but I wonder how much that effects MPG? I love that style. Yours isn't loud, smooth and subtle. Why isn't it a little wider?
The TIG welded one like I have sells for $750. The MIG sells for $450. And they sell a weld it yourself kit for $350. As far as it not being wider, i'm not sure. These are just the pictures that they emailed me this morning. I haven't actually seen it yet, so it might be a camera trick.
As far as MPG, I don't know how much it will be different. Actually would seem to lessen the drag on the front end. It's also 100% bolt on. Now i just need to get it powder coated.
I don't know anything but shouldn't this stick out beyond the fender, for protection?
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It's kinda hard to see exactly how far it goes. In the other pictures it looks like it is pretty flush with the fender. But like i said, i'll have to wait till i pick it up to see for sure.
I don't know anything but shouldn't this stick out beyond the fender, for protection?
Protection from what?.... its a prerunner bumper. doesn't protect you from anything.

Sweet looking bumper, its definitely something I would do. when i move to the desert, I'm swapping out the drop kit for a LT kit :)

Now you just need lights for it.
I understand the look and function that you are trying to achieve. Just a couple
of questions. Were you able to retain the front airbag sensors, or is this going
to be an off road only vehicle. If you plan to drive it on the street without the
sensors, your insurance company might have a problem with it if you were to
be involved in a front end collision, and submitted a claim. Just a thought
from an older safety concious guy.
ridiculous approach angle!

nice work for a one-off :tu:
Ok, so the outside of the tube is flush with the fender. I like it this way, i think it looks clean and tight. There weren't any sensors in my bumper, probably on the chassis somewhere. The only thing with wires were the driving lights(fog lights). Yes, I do need a set of lights. Maybe 4wheel, they have decent prices. And best thing, I can use the driving light wires to wire them up and use the switch thats already inside! I just wanna get it powdercoated soon, before any surface rust shows up. Over all, I am super happy with the bumper. I can tell Mike put a lot of time and effort into the welding. They're all super clean. And as far as it not protecting anything, I wouldn't say that! This thing will protect more than that thing that was on there before!
Looks good.
HOw much does it weigh? It's not bad looking.

It doesn't look flush in the pic pointed out, but angles are everything.

Is the Tig more expensive because it is the hardest to do but provides the best looking welds?

looks cool.

Try kragen they sale 7" for 90$ work pretty well
sooo they are going to make these bolt on and for production to order....or weld on and you have to call so they can make one
I pulled it off today. I'd say it ways around 50 pounds maybe? And yeah, it really doesn't look like it's flush in the pictures. It's because the outside of the tubes are flush, not the top. Dropped it off today to get powder coated, gloss black for the bumper and flat black for the skidplate. Will be picking up around noon tomorrow.
And yes, the TIG is the more expensive because the welds are perfect and stronger. They will be making this for production in either TIG, MIG, or weld it yourself. TIG, and MIG are obviously pre-welded and shipped accordingly. You'll have to contact them for more info though. But like I said, great work done, welds and fab are sweet. And I'm sure if you want some side view mirror catcher you could ask to have that bumper widened.
Damn! I love that. It needs a stinger or hoop tho. Maybe box it in with diamond plate.
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