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Thanks for all the helpful replies to previous questions. I really appreciate the knowledge base that the regular users here represent.

I called a couple of mechanics for a quote on the 30K service for my 2008 Tacoma. Both were in the $400 ballpark, but one remarked that it was probably a waste of money to put expensive double-platinum plugs into the vehicle if they will be changed every 30K miles per the maintenance schedule.

I really have no experience. So is he correct? Do I need Denso double-platinum plugs that the mechanic sells me for $18/plug? Or can I just get standard plugs and go with those?

Thanks in advance

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from the factory for some reason one bank is copper and other is the good ones!

i would still do the good ones

you might want to look at this post and you can do it yourself !

step by step "how to"

How To: Spark Plug Change (1 GR-FE) - Tacoma World Forums

not that bad to do ! i sent that link to a non car guy buddy of mine and he did it himself with no trouble

$400 wow
if you want to save a few $

Complete 30k Maintenance - Tacoma World Forums

and then you can see on the copper vs the good ones on the spark plug change
just a idea
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