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Ok, so my air suspension on my 2008 Limited just pooped the bed... Halfway up to our camping trip while towing my 6500lb travel trailer. Was a very bumpy ride lol - I pulled the fuses and kept going lol... I'm probably going to do this swap, but my plan is to not go to factory rear springs, rather either dobinsons or Bilstein springs to match the 5100 coilovers I installed 2 years ago. I already have those shocks too. Then I will likely put airbags in them - or some other type of overweight system to help keep things stable while towing/bumps etc.

I have the list of parts that the other fellow so generously supplied. I'm going to contact my Toyota dealer first to confirm everything, then probably take it to an independent shop OR have a toyota mechanic do this in his backyard...

I have a few questions... Maybe anyone knows can chime in?

That air tube separator, the one for $35 - 09730-00010 - If I have the toyota dealer do this, they should already have that part right? I would imagine they would... Thoughts? I would probably need it if another shop did the work, or is it really necessary?

Secondly I'm concerned about the dashboard lights remaining on after this - anyone know of a way around this? Will the air suspension inop lights continue to flash? And how to remedy?

I'm posting this in one of the other threads too, you might see it twice.
Give us an update. How did this all turn out?
1 - 1 of 64 Posts
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