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Many Thanks To Everyone for the "Sound" Advice. Yesterday I Removed The Factory Speakers From Front And Rear Doors. FYI... The Speaker Sizes That Came With My SR-5 (Which Has Radio Model AD 1804) Are As Follows; Front Doors 6"X 9" And Rear Are 6.5". I Popped The Center Grill On Dash To Find That It Was Empty; However There Is A Molded Opening For a Small Speaker. Also Noticed An Un-Used Female Connector In Center Grill Area Coming From Somewhere. Made An Assumption That The Extra Connection Is For The Optional JBL Navigation System. After A Little Research Online, I Decided To Experiment with the Infinity (Model REF9623I) 6 X 9 Three Way in the Front Doors and Infinity (Model: REF6022I) 6.5" Two Way for Rear Doors. I Will Let You Guys Know The Results. Thanks Again...
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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