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Polk SR6500 UP FRONT AND wow!

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I was determined to get a set of these wonderful speakers and mount them in my 2006 AC. Everyone of the dealers and sites said no way. First of all they are only a little over 2 1/2 deep, the problem is the outside of the spider at the mount ring is bigger than the opening. I was able to make a shim ring to get them in there, but the door panel will not snap in place around that part of the door. I put some sound deadening material there to dampen the panel and I just live with a 1/2 inch gap .You have to look down there to see the gap, and the Signature Reference speakers , while over $700, have given me the awesome sound quality that I never got in the 6 years of fooling with sound in my 2001. I will continue to get them mounted perfectly, and would welcome any suggestions, but the sound is perfect.
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Nice job on the install. How is mid-bass. Can you run them without sub?
The mid bass on these are great, although they take almost a month to fully break in. They are rated 50W minimum and have to have a sub. I am using a new Alpine PDX 4.150 which at 150 per channel is too much power! But nice headroom for any futures. Got to be disciplined with the power. I took an orbital sander to the inside of the door panel and the things fit perfect now. I used clay to determine the interference areas. I sanded down the spacers and glove fit now. The sound of the Signature reference speakers from Polk are astounding in the clarity!! I am blown away! I am still trying to tune the subs to match.
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