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Power back window

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Is the power back window ala '04 to '06 DC only available on the '07 crewmax??
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According to the owners manual of my 07 DC, its only available on the Crew Max.
I thought I heard someone say it was available in the DC if it was a Limited. Have no idea if that is true or not.
off topic, but just saying how much i love my rear window. When its cold, and i wanna really hear the trd duals, i can open it without freezing the cab out :D
off topic, but just saying how much i love my rear window. When its cold, and i wanna really hear the trd duals, i can open it without freezing the cab out :D
I'm with you thats why I love my real double cab.
Jumbo Jet was right. I checked the Toyota web site and the vertical rear window is only available on the '07 Crew Max. I really enjoy mine.
I LOVE my DC with that rear window!! It is great to have a power rear window AND have defrosters on the back.
I loved the DC before I bought it, but the rear window really clinched it for me. Open the sunroof and the rear window and get a nice breeze without all the buffeting from an open side window,
I posted this elsewhere, but I'll reiterate in here a little bit of pet peeves!

Comparo between my former 04 DC Ltd and my 07 DC Ltd

My 04 had a beautiful huge sunroof which i absolutely loved! Looking at the new Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra/Ford F-150, I believe they are optional on all of them, even with that shorter cab configuration. The GM versions all have "spoiler" style ones that go up, but Toyota could've lowered the interior headroom in the rear and fitted up a sunroof to slide in like normal (i.e. Solara Coupe).

The 04 had that lovely vertical sliding rear window. I didn't expect my new DC to have that, however I would actually use the rear window more often if at least there was a power switch as in with my friend's 06 Stepside Access Cab) versus that trecherous manual rear window which is difficult to open and too far out of reach to do while driving. Again, I know F-150 has the option and the others likely do as well.

Don't get me wrong. I am absolutely in love with my truck. But with a price tag at just under $43,000 with all the stuff that came from the factory, I think those are a few details they missed! I didn't feel like spending $49,000+/- to get a CrewMax with the Nav/JBL/Fr,Rr Pk Snr, 20" whls, etc.) Plus the Double Cab I got has the beautiful Red Rock leather that (working at a dealership) we have only seen one of. So, since the new Double Cab is not that much smaller than my previous Double Cab, I settled for it.
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I love that window! I thought the sliding window on my 06 Titan Crew was nice...until I bought an 07 Crewmax!!! Between my aftermarket panoramic sunroof and the rear window, I no longer miss my Mustang GT vert :D
The 07 DC has the Dodge rear slider, looks exactly the same and front end is very similar also?? from what i have been reading they are fixing to name some Toyota's 2500HD & 3500HD might as well park them on Dodge Lot. This will be for 09 i think not 08 but only time will tell, read they did something to the 08 TPMS, hope they fixed it by removing it!! The 06 DC sits way higher than the 07 DC which i like a lot, rear window is nice but i hope the bellcranks are not tiestraps and beaded chains!! Desert SW hard on those type of materials ie dirt and heat!! had lotta problems with my Camry bellcranks!!
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