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I have a 1996 camry 4 door sedan 4 cyl

my power locks are not working on all four doors.

I only here the relay clicking. could some body tell

me the problem.

:ts: johnny5

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Please take your computer and sit in the front seat, my crystal ball is kinda fuzzy from this angle.:p

In all seriousness, I have attached and pdf for you to check out the door lock system. There is no 1 thing that is common that goes bad. You need to inspect the system and diagnos from there.

Check all fuses/relays and Fuseable links. There is a pink 30amp fuse link that feeds power to the door locks, located in the inside fuse box on the drivers side. I would start there and make sure it is good. It feeds power to the high amp door lock actuators from the door lock relay.
I have also attched a door lock wire schematic for help to trace down wires and check the fuses and ground locations.
Hope this helps
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