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So I have a 2009 Crewmax Limited with the memory power mirrors and the memory power tilt steering wheel. The issues are not related so I will start with the power mirror issue first.

The passenger side power mirror will only retract about half way in. Sometimes if you go back forth a couple of times with the button it will eventually retract all the way in toward the door. it seems to work better in warmer weather(no shocker there). It never has any issue moving back out into its extended position though when the button is activated. There are no noises coming from the mirror when you activate the power retract. So no gear slipping or popping noises. I have tried youtube university to see if anyone has posted a video on how to disassemble this mirror but all I find is videos for older or un-related models. Is this something that could even be repaired? Is it even worth repairing? A new one runs about 200 dollars so while not terrible, its not cheap either.

2nd issue: I have the power/memory/tilt/telescoping steering wheel option. One day the tilt stopped working. So after some reasearch I assumed the control module was bad. I found one on ebay from another Tundra for a really good price. Once i crammed myself under the dash to swap it out I was able to see connectors in that plug into the tilt steering actuator motors. I was able to see that a wire was broken in one of the plugs. I MacGyvered it the best I could to make the connection again and its currently working...sort of. I am not getting the full up and down movement of the wheel when I use the memory setting or when I insert or pull the key from the ignition or use the switch on the side of the steering column. Is there some sort of reset that needs to be done since I pulled the control module to get the full range of motion on the tilt wheel? Its working but it could be working better and honestly its driving me a little bit crazy. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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