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Hey all, I have an '04 Tundra LTD AC and I'm thinking of some fluids that should prolly be replaced, things I couldn't find receipts for from the P.O. One of which is the PS fluid, which I have to assume never got changed, but I guess it could have. The fluid looked a little yellowish like honey, so I'm assuming its the original fluid since that the factory apparently uses instead of ATF (unless a shop used clear PS fluid a while back). I noticed what I think is a small seep or drip from the passenger's side rack boot, and was wondering if changing the older, thicker, fluid out with thinner, fresh ATF would turn this small seep into a larger leak. I haven't had to top off the PS fluid at all since I emptied some of the reservoir to add some stop leak to see if it would do anything (Level hasn't decreased noticeably). There is also a a sort of groaning when I turn the wheel, but nothing too bad. Would you guys recommend that I change it? If I do, I'm considering just flushing it by detaching the return line and running fluid through until fresh fluid comes out the return line. Do you also think that old fluid would cause the PS pump to make a sort of groaning noise? Oh, and mileage is around 99k if anyone was wondering. Thanks!
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