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Hi all, I just discovered an active leak in one of the power steering hoses on my 2000 tundra limited V8. The PS fluid reservoir has two hoses connected to it. The leak I am talking about is coming from the lower section of the smaller hose connected to the reservoir. I assume it is low pressure because the hose is connected to the reservoir with a simple clamp. The leak is coming from a braided steel mesh part of the hose down at the bottom near where it gets connected to the steering rack. Is this all one hose or a couple of hoses connected together? I don't know what part number I need or what the hose is called that is leaking? It starts out as rubber at the reservoir and then becomes smaller metal tubing and eventually at the bottom is a braided mesh hose, where the leaking is happening. I am looking for the name and/or part number of the hose to replace please. Also, will I need anything special to replace this hose or any advice at all? Thanks guys.
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