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Motto: SafeLite sucks!

I just had a passenger side window glass replaced but not FIXED by SAFELITE on my 2001 Toyota Sequoia. If you pull button for the window to go auto UP, it travels up and then back down to the 1/3 closed position. Safelite tech said the window "anti-pinch" sensor needed reinitialization by the DEALER as he couldn't do it.

STealer's given us a $430 estimate to take the door apart and "reinitialize the window motor" and put everything back together. I've opened the door a couple times replacing speakers and side view mirrors so that's not new to me. So, I wondered if this was something I can do?

A few hours of Google and YouTube research revealed the answer:

1. PDF Doc for instructions at Cardone Industries' site for resetting the Anti-Pinch Limit Switch following window replacement. 47-0001.pdf

2. Youtube Video with instructions by Cardone Industries' for resetting the Anti-Pinch Limit Switch
Resetting the Limit Switch on Nissan & Toyota Vehicles with Anti-Pinch Window Lift Motors - YouTube

Hope this helps you. Now I need to try this next weekend and I might as well replace the blown door speakers while I'm at it.

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Hi Jim,

You might be able to do it yourself, but this is a problem Safelite created when they replaced the glass. In my opinion they should fix it. If you decide not to fight them on this issue, here is a rough outline of what needs to be done to re-program your window motor.

First, before you go to all the work needed to re-program the motor try step "13" two or three times with the door panel in place. You might get lucky. If that doesn't work ....

1. remove the door panel

2. lower the glass to about 3/4's down so the you can remove the two 10MM bolts that secure the glass to the window regulator .... there are openings in the door that allow access to the bolts

3. slide the glass all the way up then secure it with tape over the top of the door

4. remove the six 10mm bolts that hold the window regulator to the inside of the door

5. unplug power wire for the motor, then remove the window regulator from inside the door

6. place a vise grip in position so that the rectangular plate the motor is mounted to is clamped on to the crescent shaped gear with all the teeth. (BE VERY CAREFUL TO DO THIS PROPERLY SO THAT THE REGULATOR DOESN'T SPRING OPEN WHEN YOU REMOVE THE MOTOR)

7. remove the window motor from the regulator ... three small torx screws

8. plug the window motor back into the power wire and turn on the ignition

9. using the window switch run the motor several revolutions in both directions

10. disconnect the window motor from the wiring and re-install it on the regulator

11. re-install the regulator inside the door and plug the window motor back in ... be sure the ignition is off and the switch is disconnected at this point.

12. un-tape the glass and lower it down to the regulator and reinstall the mounting bolts that hold the glass to the regulator

13. with the door panel, off plug the switch back in and close the door. Turn the ignition on. Activate the switch button to raise the window to the top and hold the switch in place for several seconds after the window reaches the top. Release the switch and then wait several seconds. Next, manually (not "auto") activate the switch button to lower the window all the way down and hold the switch in place for several seconds after the window reaches the bottom. Now, release the switch and wait several seconds.

14. Your motor should now be programmed to know where the top and bottom are so it should go both up and down automatically.

15. re-install the door panel

Below are two You Tube that show you what I have just outlined.

Reset late model Toyota Electric windows master switch - YouTube

How To Install Replace Reset Auto Pinch Power Window Motor Toyota Camry - YouTube

Feel free to send a follow up question if you need more information.

Ben .... the power window guy

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Success! After watching those youtube links and one more I found, I slightly modified step #9

9. using the window switch, manually run the motor UP for ten (10) seconds

I can confirm that this process does reset the switch and the window operates correctly. There was nothing complicated in this repair and seemed easy after watching the Youtube videos.

I took the open door opportunity to remove the speakers to be re-foamed. They've been mailed to to be repaired.
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