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I have a 2001 Tundra, V8, SR5... and I'm having a power window/mirror nightmare. Any info would be great!

My passenger window all of a sudden quit working. I dismantled the door, and gained access to the wiring and motor. I used a car wiring test kit to make see if the problem was leading up to the window motor, and not the motor itself. Luckily, it appears the motor just isn't getting power... (And neither is the power mirror). I have the Haynes repair manual for my truck, and thumbed through the window section. It references a secondary fuse somewhere along the wiring, however, in my novice attempt at reading the power window wiring diagram, I can't locate where the fuse could be. Does anyone know?

In contrast... I'm perfectly fine with creating a jumper connection to feed power to the motor and simply installing an accessible fuse in the jump. But I don't know what amp fuse it should be, if it's a good plan, and exactly which wires I would be best to splice into. If you have help on this plan instead, I'd be just as eager to hear it!

Thanks a ton!

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