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I have a 2004 Tundra 4 door (Crewmax) 4x4 with the Tuff Country 5" lift, 18" wheels and Goodyear wrangler dura trac 275/70r18s. I am currently running the stock gearing.

I installed this lift about a year and a half ago and had no problems with it until the beginning of this past summer. The right front spindle bearing started growling after only 15k +/- miles. I had it replaced and just noticed this weekend it started doing the same thing. It's progressively getting louder.

Both bearings sets where Toyota OEM. The first set was pressed in by the lift manufacturer. The second by a professional mechanic. I used new OEM dust seals both times. The mechanic said he had a hard time pressing the first bearing out.

My questions are;

1-Has this happened to anyone else with this lift?

1a-If so what did you do to resolve this problem?

2-Is there a chance of a bad milling process of the bearing surface in the knuckel?

3-Are there better comparable lifts out there?

4-I have a 2" body lift I was going to install and then a set of 36" tires. Is there a true 6" lift made for this truck that would be better than this set up?

Any advice with this would be much appreciated. God Bless!
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