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Hi, Solara Owners!

Over a year ago, I started looking for a 2000-2003 Solara for my daughter to drive, and found a gorgeous 2001 gold convertible, but I couldn't convince her on the convertible... insisted on a coupe. Ended up finding a really nice silver 2003 SLE that she absolutely loves... nice ride! But ever since passing up that gold convertible, I just couldn't forget the idea of having one. While recently searching for a 2001-2003 convertible (prefer 1st gen body style), I ran across this really sweet 2008 SLE with < 23,000 miles, E7009 Nav system, white pearl exterior... great color for Texas sun! Yep... couldn't pass it up! When the tops down, I'm in no hurry to get anywhere... just enjoy cruisin under the open sky. So glad I didn't pass it up.

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One issue with the convertible, however, is the high rear end and small rear window make it difficult to view behind it. So, I've been looking for info on a rear-view, backup camera that would "plug & play with the E7009 Nav system, and the Google search pointed to TunraSolutions site... so I joined. Looking foward to learning more about what others have done with their Solara comvertibles.
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