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My goal was to add alittle lift to my 06 Dble cab, stiffen up the ride and improve the handling a little. So to be a little objective I decided to try a bit of an experiment using an iPhone with the Dynolicious application which measures lateral G Force via the iPhone's accelerometer.

There is a "S" bend in the road buy my house that I used as the test track.

In stock trim I would get a maximum lateral G force of 0.54.

The following mods were done.

- Front ICON coilovers, ICON rear shocks with progressive 3 leaf add-a-leafs.

- Total Chaos upper arms, steering bushing kit and diff drop.

The truck now sits 2" higher in the front and 1" in the rear.

After the mods I could get .59. Which is not a huge gain, but it is better and the trucks center of gravity has been raised approx 2". Subjectively the truck does initiate turns better and the ride is stiffer.

Its no racecar, but overall I am very happy with the results. The experiment is buy no means without flaw and there is a selection bias, but does provide alittle bit of feedback.

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