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Q-Logic kick panels require cutting?

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Hi all,

I've done my best to search these forums for this answer, but I haven't seen it yet.

I'm preparing to upgrade the stereo in my '06 Tundra (base). I already have an Alpine CDE-9881 HU and I'm working on the components and sub. I have two Zapco amps I think I'll use.

I really don't want to get into the doors, so I figure components in the kick panels would be best. HOWEVER, the Q-Logic instructions say you have to cut your factory kick panels and I *really* don't want to do that.

I tried asking Q Logic this question via their website, but no response. I tried asking Crutchfield support (where I bought the HU), but they just sent me a link to the instructions above.

Anyway, can you get by w/o cutting the factory kick panel?

Also, does anyone have a better price on the 6.5" (C-series) panels than $116 shipped?

Thanks in advance.
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After receiving my Q logic kick panels and studying the details, I sent them back. I did not want to cut the factory panels just because they could not compound form the top of the piece, and they looked like they were going to interfere with the parking brake. I went into the doors instead, and I am glad I did. Now the Q Logic sub box is well made and made a huge sound difference.
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