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Hey folks,

I just got the letter in the mail about my ball joint recall on my '05 DC. I have a couple questions though that I thought one of you could answer.

1. I need an alignment anyway, will they be doing an alignment when they do this? (Hoping to save a few $$$'s) I thought I read that they do one during this, but perhaps not.

2. I have a set of Donahoes in my basement waiting to go on. Should I put them on before or after the ball joint replacement? Thinking again to the alignment. If I have to get an alignment done anyway, why not kill two birds at once. But......I don't want my dealer to tell me I'm not eligible for the replacement because I've modified my suspension. (my dealer does not seem to like aftermarket mods.....)

Thanks in advance.
I don't think there is an easy way out of this. :(

You should probably go get the ball joint work done first. They may align it; they may not. If they do align it, it should be free as a part of the recall. :)

Then go do the Donahoes and have it aligned again at your expense (which you would have to do anyway):eek:

If you put on the Donnies first, they might well say "you altered your suspension; we are not honoring the recall." Then you have brand new coils but old ball joints (which could conceivably wear out even faster now). :cry:

So yeah, get the recall work done first. It is going cost you either way, but this way will cost you the least. :sleep:
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