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Question on HVAC ?

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Everytime I start the truck, the HVAC system defaults to recirculate..whether the A/C is on or not......then I have to push the button to turn it back to fresh. It's a PITA. :mad:
Is this normal? And if it there a way to change the default to fresh?
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Mine does the same thing too. I noticed that when it is set to the coldest temp it will always default to recirc. If I move the temp up to about 67-68 it will stay on fresh.
This is the worst "feature" on the Sequoia:td:. Everytime I start the truck in warm weather I have to press the recirc to turn it off. Dealer says that it is better that way :eek: I think I will disconect the power supply to the flap that switches to cabin supplied air. Anyone know how to get rid of the auto recirc feature?
Thanks, Mike
It goes on recirculate because it will heat or cool up the air INSIDE the truck faster then it could heat/cool the outside air. This is common on many cars when you have it on high or auto from what I've seen. I don't know of any way to turn it off and really wouldn't be sure why you'd want to.
has never happened to me??? Is mine "broken"?
’06_SEQUOIA_U (L/O 0508)
“AUTO” button
For automatic operation of the air conditioning,
press the “AUTO” button. An indicator
light will illuminate to show that the
automatic operation mode has been selected.
In the automatic operation mode, the air
conditioning selects the most suitable fan
speed and air flow, on- off of the air conditioning
and air intake according to the
When you press the “AUTO” button with
the air intake mode at FRESH, internal
circulation may be applied for maximum
When you adjust the temperature selector
to maximum cooling, a “MAX. COLD” message
will appear on the display and the
air intake mode will be automatically
changed to RECIRCULATE.
You may use manual controls if you want
to select your own settings.
In the default mode, air intake changes in
accordance with the temperature when the
automatic operation mode is selected. This
feature can be disabled by doing the following:
Turn the ignition switch to “ACC” or
“LOCK”. Turn the ignition switch to the
“ON” position while pressing the “AUTO”
and “OFF” buttons at the same time.
When the automatic operation of the air
intake mode is disabled, it may affect the
cooling performance. You can set the default
mode by the following:
Turn the ignition switch to “ACC” or
“LOCK”. Turn the ignition switch to the
“ON” position while pressing the windshield
air flow button and “OFF” button at
the same time.
Fan speed selector
Turn the knob to adjust the fan speed—to
the right to increase, to the left to decrease.
In automatic operation, the fan speed is
adjusted automatically unless you desire
another fan speed mode.
Temperature selector
Turn the knob to adjust the temperature—
to the right to warm, to the left to
The temperature display changes between
“C” and “F” when the unit of the outside
temperature display is changed. (For details,
see “Multi- information display” on
page 304 in Section 1- 10.)
“OFF” button
Push the button to turn off the air conditioning
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