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R&P Bushing Replacement

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I have an 02 Tundra. Anyone ever replace the rack and pinion bushings? My understanding is you heat the sleeve and bushing up with a propane torch. After it starts to heat up/melt a bit, you pull them out with a pair of pliers. Any other tricks or suggestions? Thanks
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I did a search and saw a couple posts. Just looking for any other tips.
I've had good luck cutting one side of bushing with a hacksaw , spraying wd-40 on the cut side and pressing through with large waterpump pliers. No heat required.
same here, buuuuut it made a steering POP issue worse
I cut one end with a razor blade sprayed lube around the bushing and used an impact hammer to press it out. Used a block of wood behind it for support.
I did this install not long after my original post. Used the Total Chaos kit. Followed their instructions. Heated the center bushing with a propane torch, it practically fell out. Heated the left side bushing and pushed it out towards the front. Time to remove both was less than 5 minutes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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