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I have 38k on my now-slick OEM Dunlops, never liked them and maybe should have swapped them when new, oh well. These tires have worn bald on the outside edges, but still ok tread in the center, despite proper alignment and inflation.. Perhaps I corner too hard, but that's easy when our other car is a Mini Cooper.

So the Revo's look like a very popular choice for the Tundra, and I'd like to upgrade the size from 265/65/R17 to 265/70/R17.

But my 04 DC has the 17 inch rims, so it looks like my only choices are P265/70/R17 or LT265/70/R17, but the latter is load rating E, and significantly more expensive. I regularly tow a 3500lb boat in the summer, which leans me away from the "P" rated tire, but I'm concerned going all the way to the "E" rating is going to make for quite a stiff ride? Is there anything in-between? Does anyone have any experience towing with the Revo P265/70/R17 or the ride of the LT265/70/R17?
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