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I just completed the install of my rack bushings today. Started loosening the bolts late yesterday and finished up about 12:30 p.m. today. It took me a while working alone. Did the install with the truck on some ramps which increased the difficulty factor.

My hat's off to anyone that can do this in 15 minutes, it took me that long to remove all the hardware but again I was working alone and on the floor of my garage.

The six year old bushings were in good condition given the mileage and were a bear to remove! All the new bushings went in smoothly with the exception of the driver side which I had to use a C clamp on to get the steel bushing started and then hammer and piece of cold rolled round stock to drive the steel bushing flush.

The advice about greasing the parts is a good one. I used synthetic grease since I already had some on the shelf.

I discovered that after I had all the bushings installed and the long bolt in place on the drivers side and the saddle on the passenger side that the center bolt would just not line up.

Remove the big flat washer between the frame member and the drivers side rack surface. Re-insert the long bolt and pull the rack down tight to the cross member. At this point the center bolt just fell into the hole and lined up perfectly. Start the center bolt and get it threaded into it's captive bolt in the cross member. Now remove the nut and back out the long bolt just enough to get the big flat washer back in place. You will have to pry the rack away from the cross member gently and just enough to slide the washer back into place so that the bolt can be re-inserted. Then tighten down the passenger side saddle clamp. Incidentally I removed the lower stud on the passenger side to make re-installing the saddle clamp easier.

Now you can torque everything down to spec and your done!

The steering is noticeably more responsive and definately feels tighter although there was not a huge difference than before due to the old bushings being in good condition.

Would I do it again? Probably just not again for another 5 years. My body is sore all over and my hands have taken a beating.
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