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Raised White Letters or Not?

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Hey guys,

I've had a set of Bridgestone Dueler A/T's on my truck for several thousand miles & it just hit me that the white outline letters may be kinda dorky!:rolleyes:

What do y'all think? Should I pay Costco a few bucks to turn my tires inside out?

Thanks for the input!
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I like to run mine without the white lettering showing. To each his own. If you like them, leave them alone. It's your truck, do what you like.
Yeah I like the white letters, but some don't. So, to each your own :tu:
my last set if tires had the white letters out didint like it to much so my new set is just the black letters after all there not paying you to advertise there tires heres a pic of mine
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It's 2007, not 1977. White letters off. :D
I guess I'm old school. I like letters out. As mentioned, it's personal preference. Sometimes I think the style tire and/or wheel can determine what looks best.
I think it depends on the letters. If you are running some A/T tires and they look good, leave them out. If they are a knock off tire, "General, or Cooper," I'd probably hide them. I think it's more important to keep 'em clean when you wash the truck. Get a separate long handle brush. Clean wheels and tires can make or break a trucks appearance.
It's 2007, not 1977. White letters off. :D
No no no, that's white WALL. Yeah that's what you're thinking of ;) :D

And regarding the post above ^^^^^^^ I only like the white letters out on my winter tires, BRG A/T KO's but my summer ones that I had were black lettered.
i like the whites, it matched my TRD sticker :sleep:
I have raised white letters on my Tundra, but not by choice. It has the same tires that were on there when I bought it. They are still very good tires, so I will have to live with them for awhile I suppose. I never thought about having them turned.... probably not worth it.

Here are photos of my tires.... I actually took these photos today (March 11) after cleaning my truck....
what a job! :D

still gotta clean the inside though... maybe Tuesday? :)

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My opinion white letters work with silver alloy wheels and blacked out letters look good with black wheels. Looks pretty good on my ATV as well.
I like my tires all black. It looks a lot cleaner like that. Plus you don't have to worry about having dingy looking white letters after a few hundred miles.:D Here's a pic of the tires I had on my Tacoma. This is after about 8,000 miles on them. Still looks clean cause I don't have to worry about white lettering. Doesn't it look sexy with black letters? :p

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I like the white lettering look ... can be a pain to clean though!
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