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Can anyone explain the "aux input" on the center console (for the rear passengers)? I have a 2005 Sequoia with the DVD system. The DVD system consists of (2) head rest screens and a DVD player in the center console. When I play a DVD, the audio is routed to all speakers through an FM modulator. I also have wireless headphones that pick up the DVD audio. Finally, I have a 2nd set of RCA inputs on the DVD player that also plays through the FM modulator.

With this setup, do I have the RAS (rear audio system) or RES (rear entertainment system)? Is there a difference between the two options?

I don't understand what the "aux input" directly on the center console is for (mounted near the rear AC controls)? How do I get it to work? Is for an option I don't have (rear audio system)?

Thanks in advance,
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